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Center for Population Biology (CPB)

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Studies in the Cnidaria reveal important insights into the early evolution of animal sensory systems. CPB Postdoctoral Fellow, David Plachetzki. (D. Plachetzki)

Future of CPB

Population biology as an interdisciplinary science is still in its infancy. As society's need to understand the processes that govern biodiversity expands, the role of the Center for Population Biology will also grow.

Since its establishment, the Center for Population Biology has enjoyed an extraordinary period of productivity and success, driven by the enthusiastic input from our faculty, the professional success of our students and postdoctoral fellows, and financial support from the UC Davis campus and beyond.

The scientific prospects for the future are even brighter. In the years ahead, the major programmatic challenge for the CPB will be to expand the breadth of its interdisciplinary goals, while securing permanent funds to continue to attract and train the next generation of scientific leaders. In so doing, the CPB can continue to cultivate the most innovative research in population biology, and produce the leaders of the next generation of population biologists.