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Center for Population Biology (CPB)

CPB Postdoctoral Associates


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Cass, Bodil


Current research uses ecoinformatics to explore arthropod pest dynamics in citrus groves.

Jay Rosenheim
Entomology & Nematology

Chen, Nancy


Evolutionary and conservation genetics of declining populations. Population genetic inference with pedigrees.

Graham Coop
Evolution and Ecology

Cooper, Brandon


Population biology of Wolbachia and their Drosophila hosts. Evolutionary genetics of physiological adaptation.

Michael Turelli
Evolution and Ecology

Josephs, Emily


Plant genome postdoc working on adaptation to domestication.

Graham Coop
Evolution and Ecology

Main, Bradley


Genetic basis of adaptive traits and the process of speciation. Specifically, insecticide resistance, host preference, and gene regulatory evolution in mosquitoes.

Andrew Whitehead
Environmental Toxicology

Reynolds, Pam


Role of biodiversity and its interactions with top-down and bottom-up forcing in marine communities. Work in many nearshore systems including seagrass, rocky intertidal and subtidal, fouling, marsh and mud flat habitats to pursue how predator-prey dynamics and changes in food web structure influence ecosystem functioning at both local and global scales.

Jay Stachowicz
Evolution and Ecology

Ruiz Guarjardo, Juan Carlos



Maureen Stanton
Evolution and Ecology

Spiegel, Orr


Behavioral ecology, movement ecology, dispersal, foraging and conservation, ornithology.

Andy Sih
Environmental Science and Policy

Wolf, Amy

Research program blends plant community and ecosystem ecology to understand how human-driven perturbations interact with environmental variability to affect plant communities and ecosystem processes.

Truman Young
Plant Sciences

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