CPB Tuesday Seminar

Phantom Cliffs

CPB Tuesday Seminar Series:  FALL QUARTER 2020

When:  Tuesdays, 4:10 - 5:30PM

Where:  Remote – Via Zoom – Instructions will be emailed each week to cpb@ucdavis.edu

PBG 290 – CRN 44196

Schedule as of September 16, 2020

Interested in presenting or have questions?  Please email smmann@ucdavis.edu.


September 22, 2020 – Faculty Flash Talks! – Speakers:

Sharon Strauss  https://sharonstrauss.wordpress.com/

Jay Stachowicz  https://stachlab.wordpress.com/

Rachael Bay  https://baylab.github.io/ 

Alan Hastings  https://alanhastings.ucdavis.edu/

Phil Ward  https://wardlab.wordpress.com/

Join us for a brief look into some of the great research being performed by CPB faculty!

Host:  Matthew Osmond, mmosmond@ucdavis.edu  


September 29, 2020 – Evlyn Pless

Postdoc, Anthropology, Henn Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Gene flow and landscape genetics of the dengue mosquito, Aedes aegypti, in North America

Host:  Brenna Henn, bmhenn@ucdavis.edu


October 6, 2020 – Gil Rosenthal

Professor, Texas A&M

Title:  Restoring riparian corridors through sustainable ranching: science and outreach in Mexico’s Sierra Madre Oriental

Host:  Andy Sih, asih@ucdavis.edu  


October 13, 2020 – Elena Suglia

Graduate Student, Population Biology Graduate Group, Gremer Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Phenological response to changing climate in a native California wildflower

Host:  Jennifer Gremer, jrgremer@ucdavis.edu


October 20, 2020 – Rachel Vannette – CPB Faculty Candidate Seminar

Assistant Professor, Entomology and Nematology, UC Davis

Title:  Community assembly of flower microbes and their effects on plants and pollinators

Host:  Louie Yang, lhyang@ucdavis.edu


October 27, 2020 – Emily Merchant

Assistant Professor, Science and Technology Studies, UC Davis

Title:  Building the population bomb

Hosts:  Matt Osmond, mmosmond@ucdavis.edu, and Pavitra Muralidhar, pmuralidhar@ucdavis.edu  


November 3, 2020 – Carl Veller

Postdoc, Coop Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Recombination and selection against introgressed DNA

Host:  Graham Coop, gmcoop@ucdavis.edu


November 10, 2020 – Adam Pepi

Graduate Student, Graduate Group in Ecology, Karban Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Climate change & population dynamics: Changing patterns of precipitation & density-dependent feedbacks in the Ranchman’s tiger moth

Hosts:  Rick Karban, rkarban@ucdavis.edu


November 17, 2020 – Eric Post – CPB Faculty Candidate Seminar

Professor, Department of Wildlife, Fish & Conservation Biology, UC Davis

Title:  Can conservation of large herbivores mediate declining plant diversity in a warming Arctic? Insights from a 15-year experiment

Host:  Marissa Baskett, mlbaskett@ucdavis.edu


November 24, 2020 – Collin Gross

Graduate Student, Population Biology Graduate Group, Stachowicz Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Trait-based and phylogenetic approaches to understanding community assembly processes in a food web context

Host:  Jay Stachowicz, jjstachowicz@ucdavis.edu


December 1, 2020 – Nicole Kollars – Exit Seminar

Graduate Student, Population Biology Graduate Group, Stachowicz Lab, UC Davis

Title:  Consequences of grazing disturbance on eelgrass genotypic diversity

Host:  Jay Stachowicz, jjstachowicz@ucdavis.edu


December 8, 2020 – CPB Postdoc Search – Faculty Meeting

Host:  Graham Coop, gmcoop@ucdavis.edu