Postdoctoral Associates



Cass, Bodil

Research Interest :  Ecoinformatics of arthropod pest population dynamics in citrus, especially for katydids and citrus thrips. Applications of big data in agricultural entomology and ecology.

Mentor and Home Department:  Jay Rosenheim  Entomology & Nematology   E-mail: 

Chen, Nancy

Research Interest : Evolutionary and conservation genetics of declining populations. Population genetic inference with pedigrees.

Mentor and Home Department:     E-mail:

Cooper, Brandon

Research Interest : Population biology of Wolbachia and their Drosophila hosts. Evolutionary genetics of physiological adaptation.

Mentor and Home Department:  Michael Turelli  Evolution and Ecology  E-mail: 

Josephs, Emily

Research Interest : Plant genome postdoc working on adaptation to domestication.

Mentor and Home Department:  Graham Coop  Evolution and Ecology  

Main, Bradley

Research Interest : Genetic basis of adaptive traits and the process of speciation. Specifically, insecticide resistance, host preference, and gene regulatory evolution in mosquitoes.

Mentor and Home Department:  Andrew Whitehead  Environmental Toxicology  E-mail: 

Reynolds, Pam

Research Interest : Role of biodiversity and its interactions with top-down and bottom-up forcing in marine communities. Work in many nearshore systems including seagrass, rocky intertidal and subtidal, fouling, marsh and mud flat habitats to pursue how predator-prey dynamics and changes in food web structure influence ecosystem functioning at both local and global scales.

Mentor and Home Department:   Jay Stachowicz  Evolution and Ecology E-mail: 

Ruiz Guarjardo, Juan Carlos

Research Interest :

Mentor and Home Department:  Maureen Stanton  Evolution and Ecology  E-mail: 

Spiegel, Orr

Research Interest : Behavioral ecology, movement ecology, dispersal, foraging and conservation, ornithology.

Mentor and Home Department:  Andy Sih  Environmental Science and Policy    E-mail:

Wolf, Amy

Research Interest : Research program blends plant community and ecosystem ecology to understand how human-driven perturbations interact with environmental variability to affect plant communities and ecosystem processes.

Mentor and Home Department:  Truman Young  Plant Sciences  E-mail: