Mt Tom

Q: What is Population Biology?
A: Population Biology is broadly defined to include ecology, phylogenetics, comparative biology, population genetics, and evolution. 

Q: What does the advertisement mean by "research group"?
A: Research group is the same as "lab" group. 

Q: How do I learn which faculty are in the CPB?
A: Please refer to the "people" section of our website. From this tab, you may review the standard alphabetical (A-Z) listing or you may view faculty by "research specialty". 

Q: I am currently a graduate student and will graduate with my Ph.D. by June 30. May I apply?
A: Yes. It is required that the successful candidate have his/her Ph.D. by the start date of the fellowship.

Q: I am already a postdoc. This would be my second position. May I apply?
A: Yes. You may apply. We particularly encourage applications from candidates that have recently completed, or will soon complete, their Ph.D. 

Q: I am an international graduate student or postoc. May I apply?
A: Yes. The CPB fellowship competition is open to both domestic and international candidates. 

Q: Do I need to complete the application all at once, or may I reopen the application as I have data to upload?
A: You may revise entries until the final apply by date. 

Q: Does "Literature Cited" in my proposal count toward the two page maximum?
A: No. While the proposal itself is limited to a maximum of two pages, the bibliography/literature cited has no limitation. 

Q: Does the deadline include letters of reference?
A: Yes. All materials, including letters of reference, are due by the deadline. Please advise your referees of the deadline. Only complete applications will be given consideration. 

Q: One or more of my referees did not receive notification to upload a letter of reference. What happened?
A: The online application system automatically sends a request to the e-mail addresses you list. We suggest the following: 1) Verify the e-mail address entered in your application is correct. 2) Request your referee to check his/her spam filter. The title of the e-mail will be "Reference Request for 'applicants name'". 3) If items 1 and 2 do not fix the problem, contact our coordinator for assistance. 

Q: One of my referees deleted the automated reference notification. Can CPB send another notification?
A: Yes. Please contact our coordinator with the name and e-mail address of the referee. A replacement notification will be sent to the referee. 

Q: I E-Mailed my application materials to the e-mail address in the advertisement and it was sent back declined. Why?
A: Only materials uploaded into the online application system will be accepted. The e-mail address is for questions only.