Current Recipients


Seira (Ashley) Adams
Research Interest:  TBA
Mentors:  Gail Patricelli, Santiago Ramirez, Peter Wainwright
Website:  https://nature.berkeley.edu/~seira.adams/
Email and Office Location:  TBA

Pavitra Muralidhar
Research Interest:  The role of sex chromosomes in sexual conflict; the evolution of sex-determining mechanisms; sexual selection; intragenomic conflict; population genetics. 
Mentors:  Graham Coop, Gail Patricelli, Peter Wainwright
Website:  https://sites.google.com/view/pavitra-muralidhar
Email and Office Location:  pmuralidhar@ucdavis.edu; 3346 Storer Hall, (530) 752-2999

Michael Yuan
Research Interest:  Generation and maintenance of phenotypic diversity through ecological selection; genomics of convergence; ecological epigenetics; evolutionary ecology
Mentors:  Rachael Bay, Thomas Schoener, Peter Wainwright
Website:  https://michaellyuan.com/
Email and Office Location:  mlhyuan@ucdavis.edu; 4347 Storer Hall, (530) 752-2937


Past Recipients

The Center for Population Biology Postdoctoral Research Fellowship was established in 1990. Below is a historical listing of our past recipients and where they are now.

Matthew Osmond

Theoretically-inclined evolutionary biology with a major focus to date on evolutionary rescue, where sufficiently rapid genetic adaptation allows a population to persist when it would otherwise go extinct.
Mentors: Graham Coop, Andrew Whitehead, Sebastian Schreiber
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Website: https://eeb.utoronto.ca/profile/osmond-matthew/
Email: mm​.osmond​@utoronto​.ca

Denon Start
Research Interest:  TBA
Mentors:  Andrew Sih, Sebastian Schreiber, Sharon Strauss, Jay Stachowicz
Website:  TBA
Email:  dstart@ucdavis.edu


Kathleen G. Ferris
Genotypic and phenotypic basis of adaptation; Genetic variation in natural plant populations; Speciation; Quantitative Genetics; Population Genetics; Evolutionary Ecology
Mentors: Johanna Schmitt, Graham Coop, Jeffrey Ross-Ibarra
Current Position: TBA
Website: TBA
Email: TBA

Marjorie G. Weber

Plant defense and mutualism; trait-mediated plant-animal interactions; phylogenetic ecology; links between species interactions and macroevolution
Mentors: Sharon Strauss, Santiago Ramirez, Peter Wainwright
Current Position: CPB Postdoctoral Research Fellow, UC Davis
Website: http://www.theweberlab.com/
Email: weberm11@msu.edu

Heather M. Kharouba

Causes and consequences of variation in ecological responses to environmental change; phenology; plant-insect interactions; species' geographic distributions.
Mentors: Rick Karban, Louie Yang, Arthur Shapiro, Johanna Schmitt
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology at the University of Ottawa
Website: http://kharoubalab.weebly.com/
Email: heather.kharouba@uottawa.ca

Scott C. Burgess

Consequences of phenotypic variability to population dynamics and structure; Evolutionary Ecology; Dispersal; Life-histories; Plasticity, Local adaptation; Marine invertebrates.
Mentors: Rick Grosberg, Marissa Baskett, Andy Sih, Eric Sanford
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Science, Florida State University
Website: http://scottburgessecology.wordpress.com/
Email: sburgess@bio.fsu.edu

D. Luke Mahler

Phenotypic evolution during adaptive radiations
Mentors: Peter Wainwright, Brian Moore, Sharon Strauss
Current Position: Assistance Professor, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at the University of Toronto
Website: http://mahlerlab.com
Email: luke.mahler@utoronto.ca

Yaniv Brandvain

Empirical and theoretical population genomics, speciation, mating system evolution
Mentors: Graham Coop, Michael Turelli
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Plant Biology, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Website: http://brandvainlab.wordpress.com/
Email: ybrandvain@gmail.com

Jonathan N. Pruitt

The ecology of individuals, social behavior, interactions between intra- and interspecific diversity.
Mentors: Jay Stachowicz, Andy Sih, and Eric Sanford
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Ecology, Evolution and Marine Biology, University of California Santa Barbara
Website: http://www.eemb.ucsb.edu/people/faculty/pruitt
Email: pruitt@lifesci.uscsb.edu

David Plachetzki

Sensory Biology and Macroevolution
Mentors: Richard K. Grosberg and Artyom Kopp
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences, The University of New Hampshire
Website: http://www.unh.edu/plachetzki-lab/
Email: david.plachetzki@unh.edu

Jean H. Burns
Plant community ecology, biological invasions, comparative ecology in a phylogenetic context
Current Position: Assistant Professor Dept. of Biology, Case Western Reserve University,
Mentors: Sharon Strauss and Peter Wainwright
Email: jbm122@case.edu

Alan Lemmon
Evolutionary biology, phylogenetics, phylogeography, speciation, population genetics and genomics
Mentors: Michael Turelli and H. Bradley Shaffer
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Dept. of Scientific Computing, Florida State University;Bioinformatics, Center for Anchored Phylogenomics, Florida State University
Email: alemmon@fsu.edu

2006 -2008
Shannon J. McCauley
Predation, dispersal interactions of aquatic communities linked through individual traits
Mentors: Sharon Lawler and Andy Sih
Current Position: Assistant Professor ,Biology, University of Toronto Mississauga
Email: Shannon.mccauley@utoronto.ca

Jason S. McLachlan
Ecology of forests and plant population ecology, statistical modeling, paleoecology
Mentor: Mark Schwartz
Current Position: Assistant Professor,Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Notre Dame
Email: jason.s.mclachlan.2@nd.edu

Richard E. Glor
Biological diversification, formation of new species, macroevolutionary patterns
Mentor: H. Bradley Shaffer
Current Position: Associate Professor, Associate Curator, Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology, The University of Kansas
Email: glor@ku.edu

Michael L. G. Loeb
Evolution of social behavior
Mentor: Rick Grosberg
Current Position: Owner, Mike's Specialty Garden, Tallahassee, FL
Email: mlloeb@gmail.com>

Leonie C. Moyle
Genetic basis of adaptation and speciation
Mentor: Michael Turelli and Maureen Stanton
Current Position:Professor, Department of Biology, Indiana University
Email: lmoyle@indiana.edu

Thomas J. Near
Phylogenetic hypotheses
Mentor: H. Bradley Shaffer, Peter Wainwright, and Michael Sanderson
Current Position: Associate Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Yale University
Email: thomas.near@yale.edu

Maria R. Servedio
Mechanisms that drive speciation through the evolution of premating isolation
Mentor: Michael Turelli and Sergey Nuzhdin
Current Position: Professor Department of Biology, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Email: servedio@email.unc.edu

Jonathan M. Chase
Species diversity, composition, and relative abundance in aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems
Mentor: Sharon Lawler
Current Position: Professor and Head of Biodiversity Synthesis Research Group, German Centre for Integrative Biodiversity Research (iDiv)
Email: jmchase88@gmail.com or jonathan.chase@idiv.de

Brian Inouye
Spatial and temporal variation in population and community ecology
Mentor: Susan Harrison
Current Position: Associate Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, Florida State University
Email: binouye@bio.fsu.edu

Nora Underwood
Ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions
Mentor: Rick Karban
Current Position:Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Florida State University
Email: nunderwood@bio.fsu.edu

Hiroshi Akashi
Natural selection and its role in genome evolution
Mentor: John Gillespie
Current Position:Professor, National Institute of Genetics Japan
Website: http://www.nig.ac.jp/labs/EvoGen
Email: hiakashi@nig.ac.jp

F. Helen Rodd
Reproduction strategies among livebearing fish
Mentor: Judy Stamps and Maureen Stanton
Current Position:Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of Toronto
Email: helen.rodd@utoronto.ca

Edwin D. Grosholz "Ted"
Ecology, conservation and restoration of marine and estuarine systems
Mentor: Marc Mangel
Current Position: Professor, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, University of California, Davis
Email: tedgrosholz@ucdavis.edu

Fredric J. Janzen
Ecology and evolution and phenotypic variation of reptiles
Mentor: H. Bradley Shaffer
Current Position: Professor, Department of Ecology,Evolution, and Organismal Biology, Iowa State University
Email: fjanzen@iaste.edu

First Recipients of the CPB Fellowship - 3 Awards:

Jonathan B. Losos
Behavioral and evolutionary ecology of lizards
Mentor: Thomas W. Schoener
Current Position: Professor,Museum of Comparative Zoology and Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
Email: jlosos@oeb.hardvard.edu

William F. Morris
Population ecology of plants and insects
Mentor: Maureen Stanton and Marc Mangel
Current Position: Professor, Department of Biology, Duke University
Email: wfmorris@duke.edu

Sonia E. Sultan
Evolutionary ecology of plant response to environments.
Mentor: Kevin Rice
Current Position: Professor, Wesleyan University
Website: http://www.wesleyan.edu/academics/faculty/sesultan/profile.html
Email: sesultan@wesleyan.edu